Monday, April 9, 2007

My Sweet Lord

A 1.8 meter tall milk chocolate sculpture of a naked Jesus Christ, that was due to be exhibited over Easter, has had to be removed from a New York gallery after cries of outrage from the Catholic community and death threats!

The “My Sweet Lord” exhibit was shut down last Thursday after the Hotel and Gallery were over run by angry phone calls and emails about the display. Cardinal Edward Egan of the Catholic Church called it “a sickening display” and the head of the watchdog Catholic League, Bill Donohue, said it was "one of the worst assaults on Christian sensibilities ever."


Is it the sight of the Lord depicted in chocolate that offends these sensibilities?

Probably not as nobody seems to have a problem with Saint Nicolas being depicted in chocolate nor the other traditional chocolate offerings that now go hand in hand with the memory of Christ’s death on the cross.

So it must be the fact that he is minus his loin cloth then?

The people that believe that Jesus was a real person who walked on the Earth among us must surely realise that he did indeed have a penis and that the Romans, not being the nicest of people towards him, were unlikely to spare him his dignity and let him keep the loin cloth in his lasts moments.

So why the outrage?

What is it about showing Jesus as a real man, a real human being, suffering in a more realistic version of events than the pretty stained glass effigies that is so outrageous and worthy of all this disgust?

What do you think?


Kate said...

I agree! Given the number of representations of Christ and other religious figures - some which are tacky to say the least - it seems most likely that people were objecting to the lack of a loin cloth. Oh, and also the fact that in this case he wasn't depicted as the usual blonde haired, blue eyed hippy.

Surviving Motherhood said...

you know, this has been bugging me more and more over the last few days.

I am a very live and let live person, I don't care what belief system anybody chooses to follow but I do get pissed off when they start trying to dictate what I can or cant read, watch in the movies or on tv, see in an art gallery etc based on their religious beliefs. If you don't like something or think it will offend you then don't go see it but don't feel you have the right to make the decision for everybody else. You don't.

Ok, rant over. Breath.

Scott from Oregon said...

The whole effigy of a guy nailed to a two by four and made to wear thorns is pretty pornographic if you ask me. I mean, can you say S and M?

Would YOU let your eight year old boy or girl look at that?


Surviving Motherhood said...

so with loin cloth it is a religious symbol but without, s&m?

Would I take my 8 year old to see it? Probably not, however I can make that decision on my own and don't need the Catholic, or any other church, making it for me.

Would I be interested in seeing it sans child? Yes, I would.

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