Monday, April 23, 2007


Written by Meg from Simply Nutmeg

You know what really bothers me, sets me smack in the middle of a post partum, hormonal hissy fit? Those damn word verifies. I know they're all over the net, and I understand they're a necessary evil to control the Viagra and teen booby trolls. Hell, I even have one on my own website. But mine is simple; you just type in a four letter word. You don't have to squint and hold your computer screen at arm's length to read it, and it's the same every time you have to enter it. It's also a real word so you don't spend precious blog-reading time trying to decipher gibberish.

My problem is that I'm old enough to need reading glasses but not old enough to admit it, or to go out and spend the three dollars they'd cost me at Walmart. I can't really see those stupid letters when you run them all together. I'm also not all that computer savvy. For the life of me I can't seem to figure out how to make my letters squiggly when I type them in. I've looked all over my keyboard and I don't see any squiggly letters. Then there's that line going through them. I've tried the hyphen, the underscore, I've tried to switch to HTML and use the cross-out feature. I can't get a line through my son-of-a-bum letters.

I really rail when the row of letters dips down a little in the middle. I thought maybe that was like an Etch-a-Sketch feature so I tried shaking my laptop over my head. Freaking letters stay straight! I've tried F1 through F12 - no go. I've E-mailed the folks at Blogging Basics 101 (where there are no stupid questions), but they haven't written a post about it yet. Maybe I need to upgrade my laptop. Or maybe I need to say yes to one of those 'updates are ready for your computer' messages.

Whatever the glitch turns out to be, I would just like to make it known that if you have a blog out there with a word verify, I'm probably reading it, I'm out there lurking, and I'm trying like hell to share with you my brilliant comments!

A writer, editor, teacher, and mom to four little menches, Meg is just hoping her blog addiction will keep her off that crack-cocaine! You can tune in to her cyber sitcom at


Surviving Motherhood said...

I have to admit here (blushing furiously) that when I first started blogging and saw those word verifies with the line through them I had a small panic attack wondering how I was going to get that line through the letters.

Why did I just tell you that?

Paul E said...

I find word verification intriguing. Just occasionally, it throws up something which almost looks like it might be a proper word. It never is, of course, but it has led me to wondering whether I might, for posterity, collect together my favourite word verifications into a single blog, to which the world would be invited to contribute. We could vote on our favourites, and challenge readers to submit possible meanings for these bizarre new words!

Thank you for an entertaining post!
Kind Regards


Annie said...

I'm right there with you! And, you need to say yes to those messages :) My geekish siblings give out to me all the time for not updating!

Amanda said...

I envy that you wrote this post. It is so, so true, whether you are of a certain age or not. You, Mizz Nutmeg, always make me either laugh or worship you.

Anonymous said...

OMG, a woman after my own heart, lol. I hate word verification and I will almost move on to the next blog and screw the commenting IF someone has WV turned on. The letters look exactly as you described and are often EXTREMELY hard to make out.

I just want to scream when I see them. I mean, do people not realize how easy it is to just DELETE unwanted comments?

Great article!

Lord Likely said...

I often need to employ the use of a pair of eye-glasses when trying to ascertain which letters are which in word verifications, often accompanied by me screaming, "that was supposed to be a capital U?" at the screen when I invariably enter in the wrong letters.

Word verification is the work of the devil. Or the deUil, as the case may be.

Hummie said...

Oh, I hate those things too...almost to the point I won't go back to the blog again, especially if I have to try 5 times just to post. I refuse to have it on my blog.

Hummie said...

Okay, so I just made a stupid comment and it did not show up here. I did not see a thing to put in a code....did I miss it and close the window too fast? Or do you have to approve my posts...I also hate when I miss that little thing that says my posts have to be approved....I never know if my message went through...uggggg!

Phara Thomas said... read this comment type the word verification biteme

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